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Update Logs

This is a notification page for update logs and server maintenance.

June 2023

[21-06-2023] Added Coinbase (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin,USDC, Matic/Polygon, USDC Polygon) payment gateway. [25-06-2023] Added an API feature to check account details. [26-06-2023] Added the IPlookup API. [27-06-2023] Added Midtrans (GoPay, Qris, and Bank Transfer) payment gateway.

July 2023

[05-07-2023] Added the Phone Number Identify API. [08-07-2023] Added the Email Validation API. [14-07-2023] Planned maintenance for migration to a better server. [14-07-2023] Server migration done succesfully. [14-07-2023] Fixed reset password feature. [14-07-2023] Login with Google account is now available. [17-07-2023] Blocker API issues fixed. [17-07-2023] SmartUrls API issues fixed. [21-07-2023] IP information database updated for better accuracy. (IP Lookup, Blocker, SmartURL) [21-07-2023] API documentation has been updated. (IP Lookup, Blocker, SmartURL) [21-07-2023] IPv6 is now supported (beta-testing phase). [22-07-2023] Detection for ipv6 updated and now able to fully analyze audience using ipv6. [24-07-2023] API and Stopbot panel (SmartURL and blocker) updated. You can now select multiple options in allowed country category.

August 2023

There is no update for august.

September 2023

[13-09-2023] Midtrans payment methods (bank transfer, QRIS, GO Pay) have been fixed.

October 2023

There is no update for october.

November 2023

[01-11-2023] Adding a new feature 'Blocker V2' to API v2. [01-11-2023] Adding a new feature 'Blocker V2' to the client panel. [14-11-2023] Added Coinpayments payment gateway (Litecoin, BNB, BNB (BEP20), BUSD (BEP20), BUSD (TRC20), SOLANA, TRON (TRX), USDC (BEP20), USDC (TRC20), USDT (BEP20), USDT (TRC20)). [18-11-2023] Payment Gateway "Coinbase" has been updated (Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, and WalletConnect). [23-11-2023] Update cryptocurrency Coinpayments gateway (BTC, LTC, BNB, BNB (BSC), BUSD (BEP20), DAI (BEP20), MATIC/POLYGON, SOL, USDC (BEP20), USDC (PRC20), USDT (BEP20), USDT (PRC20), USDT (SOL)). [28-11-2023] Fixed Coinpayments gateway payments and removed BTC from the list of cryptocurrencies.