Terms of Services

In this page, we have outlined some important points that apply to all users, regardless of their location or country:


You are obligated to adhere to any policies made available to you on the Service. Utilizing our Services does not grant you ownership of any intellectual property rights associated with our Services or the content you access. Unless you have explicit permission from the owner or are authorized by law, you are prohibited from using content from our Services.

  1. Changes to Services and Termination

We are continuously evolving and enhancing the Service. We reserve the right to incorporate or eliminate functionalities or features, and we can also promptly suspend or discontinue the Service. We firmly believe that you are the rightful owner of your data, and ensuring your continued access to that data is of utmost significance. In the event of Service discontinuation, whenever feasible, we will offer prior notification and the chance to retrieve information from the Service.

Subscription and Purchase Terms

  1. Use of STOPBOT.NET Services

  • All services offered by STOPBOT.NET are exclusively intended for lawful purposes. We do not extend services to websites or applications that host content in violation of the law. Furthermore, we do not provide any form of assistance to websites or apps that engage in spam-related activities to generate traffic.

  • By utilizing STOPBOT.NET's services, you consent to releasing STOPBOT.NET from all claims and/or legal actions that may arise as a result of your usage of the services.

  • We retain the rights and authority to unilaterally block or terminate your account in the event of any account misuse, without prior notification and no eligibility for a refund.

  • The user bears full responsibility for any actions carried out while utilizing STOPBOT.NET services.

  1. Agreement of Purchase

By making a purchase or payment for any of the services we offer, you are consenting to the following agreement:

  • All payments are non-refundable. We have made available a trial version to allow you to test our services beforehand. By making a purchase, we presume that you possess a comprehensive understanding of how to utilize our services.

  • The visitor quota will be reset upon the expiration of the designated time period.

  • Upgrading your account will result in the addition of visitor quotas.

  • Plan's API Request quota cannot be accumulated and upon purchasing a new plan, the previous plan will be replaced by the new one.

Example: You buy the 'Bronze Plan' with the amount of 30,000 API Request and seven days duration. Five days later you have 2,000 API Request left because you have used it. Then you buy the 'Bronze Plan' again, the remaining quota of 2,000 API request will be removed and replaced with 30,000 API Request and seven days duration.

  1. Resellers Bear the Responsibility Towards Their Clients.

Resellers are accountable for providing support to their clients. STOPBOT.NET does not offer direct technical support to resellers' clients. Resellers and their clients are directly bound by the terms of service established by STOPBOT.NET.

  1. Adjustments in Pricing

In unforeseen circumstances, such as significant currency inflation resulting in unreasonable escalations in server rental costs, product prices may undergo modifications. Alternatively, price adjustments may be implemented due to upgrades in our server infrastructure to a higher level, impacting plan's pricing.

  1. Free Trial

No distinctive conditions apply to free services, including new STOPBOT.NET users, as they are bound by the same terms as all other paid services users. Free services may cease or transition to paid status based on the prevailing conditions at that time.

Report Suspected Abuse on STOPBOT.NET

STOPBOT.NET offers ranges of services, including the Blocker, Smart URL, IP Lookup, Email Verifier, Email Validation Tool, Phone Number, Identifier.

All services provided by STOPBOT.NET are exclusively intended for lawful purposes. We refrain from providing services to websites or applications that contain unlawful material. Additionally, we do not provide any form of assistance to websites or apps that generate traffic through any form of spam. We will take stringent action against users who misuse our services for illicit activities.

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