Privacy Policy

In this page, we have outlined some important points that apply to all users, regardless of their location or country:

These essential points include:




STOPBOT.NET retains the right to modify the policy/terms/regulations at any time without prior notice.

STOPBOT.NET Privacy Policy

By utilizing our services, you are confiding your information to us. We acknowledge that safeguarding your information and granting you control is a significant obligation that necessitates diligent efforts. This Privacy Policy aims to facilitate your comprehension of the data we gather, the reasons behind its collection, and the methods to update, manage, export, and erase your information.

Our services include Blocker, Smart URL, IP Lookup, Email Verifier, Email Validation Tool, Phone Number, Identifier and other services we might add in the future.

Data and Informations collected by STOPBOT.NET

  1. We strive for your comprehension regarding the categories of information we gather when you utilize our services, as this collection enables us to enhance the quality of our services for all users. The subsequent section outlines the specifics of the information we collect, including:

  • Device

  • Browser session

  • Password (Encrypted)

  • Email

  • IP address

Furthermore, the data that is gathered to fulfill the requirements of STOPBOT.NET products includes:

  • IP Address and Geolocation

  • ISP

  • User Agent

  • Requested URL

The aforementioned data represents the information that is gathered while utilizing products such as Blocker and Shortlink.

  1. We utilize data to develop better services.

We use the information gathered from all of our services to accomplish the following purpose:

  • Improving our services

  • Developing future potential service

  • Measuring services performance

Account Termination

To terminate your account, you can submit a request through live chat. Once we receive the deactivation request, STOPBOT.NET will deactivate your account and securely store your personal information in an archived state. The archived information will be retained for a duration of 5 years (or longer as mandated by applicable laws) to fulfill legal obligations. Any information that you choose to share with the Service Provider via our Platform will be stored by the Service Provider until the termination of their agreement with us. Non-personally identifiable information may be stored indefinitely for analytical purposes.

Modifications to Privacy Policy

Please be aware that this Privacy Policy may undergo modifications periodically. Any alterations to the Privacy Policy will be disclosed on the Dashboard. Ongoing usage of our services will indicate your consent and acknowledgment of these modifications.

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